Planning Social Media for Christmas

Yes, this blog is all about planning social media for Christmas. Too soon, you say? Actually, now is the perfect time to start, and you’ll be glad you did…

We’re into the second half of the year now, and things seem to come quickly during this time. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the key dates that you should be capitalizing on from now until the end of the year. Taking the appropriate steps now will help reduce the stress that comes with the Christmas rush by keeping you more organized than ever.

With more people than ever using the internet to do their shopping or get inspiration, it is important to keep up a social media marketing strategy to help get you seen and appeal to potential customers. Consider these steps when developing your Christmas social media marketing strategy to stay as stress-free as possible this year!

Revisit past strategies

The very first thing you should do is look at how things went in past years. Did you able to advertise as much as you’d like to? Were customers engaged with the content you were posting? Were you finding yourself struggling for content ideas and posting last minute? What would you like to improve on the most? Think about these details now to help you develop a strategy.

Which products/services will be on offer?

You should have a good idea of the products/services you want to offer now and which you are going to feature as part of your social media for Christmas plan. You may need to work with suppliers sooner rather than later as they too will be getting ready for the Christmas season ahead.

Determine key dates

You will need to make note of important shipping dates as well and relay these to your customers. Be clear on what type of shipping you offer and what the final shipping dates will be. If you offer bespoke items, keep into consideration the extra time items make take to be personalized, along with the fact that times may take longer than usual due to demand.

Plan your content

Once you have determined the important dates, it is time to start planning social media content around them. Get a content calendar ready with different posts for various days/times. When you want to start posting about Christmas is entirely up to you, but we suggest to be ready around or right after Halloween.

Pages that are overly promotional don’t always get a great response. Have a good mixture of posts that are happy, light-hearted, and even festive! Digital Flamingo suggest starting off with the 50-30-20 rule: 50% entertainment, 30% curated content (shared posts that may be of interest to your audience) and 20% selling. Of course, this is just a good rule to stick with to start out. See what works best for you!

Ask questions, create polls, show gifs and memes…anything that you think your audience will like to get them engaged! You may even want to plan a competition or special offers during this time. Again, planning will help here and will stop you from rushing around trying to think of something to post or promote last minute.

Have images ready

Your social media posts should always have a visual to go with it, but sometimes finding the right picture can be stressful. Start taking photos of stock now and get them into your content calendar. Once you have photos to go with every post, you can start to schedule them in (yes, even this early!)

Don’t forget Black Friday!

Love it or hate it, Black Friday is coming on November 29th this year. It’s the biggest shopping day of the year, online and in-store. Whether or not you decide to offer discounts is completely down to you, but there is no ignoring the impact of the day. It may be worth mentioning Black Friday in some capacity as part of your social media for Christmas strategy, so you don’t get overlooked by the thousands of online shoppers looking to buy on the day. We definitely suggest using the day to promote.

Taking these steps ensures you know what it is you will be promoting, how you will be promoting it and pictures to go with it. No more scrambling on the day to decide what it is you should be posting!

Marketing experts suggest having your social media for Christmas plan in place by mid-October, so don’t delay in getting everything together now to help reduce the stress on you later! Digital Flamingo can assist in putting together a Christmas social media marketing strategy for your business, including a sample monthly content calendar. Contact us today and let us help make this busy time of year a bit more relaxing and enjoyable for you!

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