Key Dates for Social Media – August 2019

August is a crazy time of year where many are either taking some well-deserved time off and hopefully enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation or busy getting things sorted before school starts again. Things can be quieter this month, but there is still plenty to celebrate (at least on social media). Here are some of the key dates for social media in August 2019 to include in your strategy for this month!

Events and Key Dates for Social Media in August 2019  

There is a big variety of key dates for social media in August, with something for everyone to get involved with.

2ndInternational Beer Day – Lucky for most that International Beer Day falls on a Friday! If you needed an excuse to celebrate, here it is.

2nd-26thEdinburgh Fringe Festival – This festival is the world’s largest celebration of the arts. Thousands flock to Edinburgh to experience any of the few thousand performances on offer, put on by anyone from aspiring actors to well-known names. It is an incredible event, for sure.

4thSisters’ Day – It is a day to appreciate sisterly love, whether family or even those who are like a sister. This day is for that bond that is like no other.

5thSummer Bank Holiday (Scotland) – Scotland’s bank holiday is early in the month – a last chance to relax before heading back to school and work.

8thInternational Cat Day – If cats had their way, we’re sure cat day would be every day! Cats have been a companion for humans for centuries. Having a feline friend is shown to help reduce anxiety and depression too! We’d say to be sure to give your cat a hug today, but they probably won’t like that, so maybe some extra tuna for dinner will do instead! If you sell related items, whether for cats themselves or for their humans, this day is definitely one you don’t want to miss out on, with it being a trending topic annually.

9thBook Lovers Day – If you have some book recommendations that are industry-related that you think your audience will love, share them today. Also, ask for the titles of books that they love too. There is also great conversation to be had around wonderful reads.

9thStart of the 2019/20 Premier League Season – Love it or hate it, the Premier League season is back on Friday, 9th August with the opening game being Liverpool v Norwich. Any early predictions?

13thInternational Lefthanders Day – Let’s face it, lefthanders haven’t always had it easy. This day was created in 1976 to bring awareness to the difficulties lefthanders have faced. Items such as scissors were once a pain, and those made especially for lefthanders would cost more! Are you left-handed?

18thBad Poetry Day – Not everyone is a poet, but why not give it a go on Bad Poetry Day?

19th – Photography Day/World Photo Day – The photography world has developed quite rapidly over the last few decades. We’ve come a long way from dropping off a roll of film to be developed, only to find that half of the shots didn’t come out right! Now, we can take out our phones and snap some impressive pics within seconds.

Which photos inspire you? Do you have any favorite photos involving your business or industry that you could share? Ask your audience to share some of their favorites, whether in general or within a certain topic.

26th – International Dog Day – Dogs weren’t going to go without their own day too! Our canine friends are loyal and lovable, always happy to see you and there in times of sadness and happiness. Aren’t dogs just great? This day is for them! It’s a good excuse to share some pictures of your doggies.

26thSummer Bank Holiday (England, Wales, NI) – It’s the rest of the UK’s turn for a day off before many go back to school and work the following week. It’s the last bank holiday before Christmas, so make the most of it, rain or shine.

More Events and Hashtags for August

#BackToSchool – Many schools are back in session this month, or they are preparing for it early September. #BackToSchool will be a major topic throughout the month.

#Summer, #Summertime and the like will also, of course, be popular hashtags.

Choose the Best Hashtags

Remember, businesses should not feel like they have to schedule in something for every awareness day out there (you would never post about anything else if that were the case)! Choose the key dates for social media in August that are relevant to your business and industry and that would best resonate with your audiences.

Relax This Summer

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