Key Dates for Social Media – September 2019

Is anyone else excited that September is here? It’s the start of the super busy yet fantastic -ber months! Autumn is nearly here and with it, there will be a lot going on in the run up to Christmas. There will be so much to do between now and then, but for now, here are some key dates for social media for September 2019 to consider for your social media marketing for the month!

Key Dates for Social Media for September 2019               

Here are just some of the just for key dates for social media for September that are often trending. Which ones will you get in on?

5th – Cheese Pizza Day – Yummy! The pizza that everyone loves – who can resist? Treat yourself today!

7th – World Beard Day – Here’s to all those epic beards out there! Today is a day where people from all countries and culture come together to celebrate their beard, and shaving it off on this day is considered disrespectful. (No, really.)

8th – Grandparents Day – Grandma and grandpa, nan and grandad, nanna, pop – whatever endearing term they’ve been given, a grandparent’s love is like none other. This day is for them.

9th – Teddy Bear Day – The teddy bear has been a well-loved toy for over a century now, having been first manufactured in the early 1900s.

10th – World Suicide Prevention Day – Today is a day to help bring awareness surrounding suicide and the help that is available. There are fantastic organisations out there, many volunteer-led, who work to give support to those in need. This day will be to stress that message even more.

12th – Video Games Day – Video Games Day is all about the history of video games, remembering your favorites growing up and maybe even now. Do you consider yourself a bit of a gamer?

13th – Friday the 13th – The dreaded Friday the 13th makes an appearance this month! But we always say, what is so bad about a Friday?

18th – Cheeseburger Day – Yes, even the mighty cheeseburger gets its own day as it has done since the 1920s! This iconic food even has its own famous song.

19th – Talk Like a Pirate Day – Do not underestimate the power of Talk Like a Pirate Day! This just-for-fun day has been celebrated since 1995 and is a trending topic every year. Some businesses have offered freebies for those who greet them in pirate-speak. Tell your best pirate joke, greet friends with “Ahoy, maties!” and get in on the silly day.

23rd – First Day of Autumn – Goodbye summer, hello autumn! Anyone else love this time of year? The colors are stunning, and the crispness in the air just make it a wonderful, cozy time of year.

29th – World Heart Day – World Heart Day is a campaign for heart health awareness. The World Heart Federation says you can be a heart hero by just promising to look after your heart. If you want to get in on the campaign on the day, their website has some resources available.

September is also Suicide Prevent Month, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Friendship Month and Preparedness Month.

Additional Hashtags

In addition to the above dates, other hashtags that are expected to be popular include #BackToSchool as many in England and Wales head back in the first week of September, as well as #GoodbyeSummer and #HelloAutumn or #HelloFall. This is also the beginning of the lead up to Halloween, so if you are selling Halloween-themed items or involved in any events, get talking about it now.

Keep it Simple

As always, remember you do not and should not feel the need to include every fun date into your social media calendar. Keep it simple and choose the ones that resonate with your industry and audience. It’s okay to do a bit just for fun, as long as you know it is something that will connect with your audience.

Need help putting together that social media marketing strategy, including advice on where to put in some just for fun content? Have a chat with us at Digital Flamingo! We love working with businesses in connecting with their audience and strengthening their social media game. Let’s grab a coffee and have a chat about what we can do for you.

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