Key Dates for Social Media – October 2019

October is such a beautiful time of year. We absolutely love seeing the shift in colours with the extra crisp in the air as autumn is finally in full swing. It will be busy in the run up to Christmas (yea, we said it!). Planning ahead of time especially at this time of year is essential. So, when creating your social media strategy for the month ahead, here are some key dates for social media in October 2019 to consider.

Key Dates for Social Media in October 2019

Get ready for a fun month ahead with these trending topics and key dates for social media in October 2019.

1 – International Coffee Day – Did you know that coffee is the most popular beverage in the world? At least it is in this office!

4 – World Smile Day – See someone who needs a smile? Give them yours! Smiles are universal, infectious, and can brighten someone’s day to come across a friendly face. Give a compliment, ask someone about their day, do a random act of kindness…let’s pass on smiles today (and every day, really…!)

10 – World Mental Health Day – It’s great that we are talking more about mental health, but there is more to be done. World Mental Health Day is to bring more awareness, and to spread the message that it’s okay to not be okay and that there is always someone around to talk to.

14 – Canadian Thanksgiving – Canada celebrates their version of Thanksgiving, which always falls on the second Monday of October. Although many may choose to indulge in their big Thanksgiving meal over the weekend, Monday is the chance to chill out and watch some sports!

16 – World Food Day – World Food Day was created alongside the launch of the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation. It is focused on different aspects of food, from production to sustainability to availability.

24 – United Nations Day – The UN is an organisation known around the world. They help in times of need, bringing together countries to unite in helping people, whether during natural disasters to areas victims of war. United Nations Day celebrates all the good that has come from the UN and to spread the word about what they stand for.

25 – International Artists Day – Here’s one for all the creative people out there! This day is for you! Why not show off your work on this day? Tell people what inspire you, what type of mediums you use, and why you use them.

27 – Daylight Savings Ends (UK) – Clocks go back an hour in the UK, marking the end of British Summer Time. Get ready for shorter days and earlier nights!

31 – Halloween – This day needs no introduction. Halloween is often considered the first “big” holiday of the season. There is no denying how important this day can be, especially if you’re a retailer. This day and the lead up to it is full of fun for all ages. If appropriate, why not implement Halloween-themed marketing into your planning? Need some inspiration? Find some ideas here (and be sure to let us know too, because we LOVE Halloween!) Decorate your office and show off some pictures for a fun behind-the-scenes look, have a pumpkin carving contest for your employees or even ask your followers to get involved.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, encouraging women to know the signs and to check themselves regularly! Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women worldwide, but it can be treated if spotted early. There will be lots of talk surrounding this topic this month to help make women aware of the signs and symptoms.

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