Key Dates for Social Media in January 2020

Wow – a new year and a new decade! While it may seem exciting at first (and the perfect time to review your social media marketing goals for the year), January quickly becomes a long and gloomy month for many – but fear not! There are plenty of fun key dates for social media in January to get involved with and include in your strategy for the month.

Key Dates for Social Media in January 2020

Calendar of events for January

1 – New Year’s Day – Yep, it’s the first day of the year! Shout out about your goals for the year ahead and give a little insight into what your followers can expect in 2020.

4 – Trivia Day – In what year did Facebook launch? On average, how many Tweets are sent per day? We might put you to the test with these and more on the 4th! Trivia day is a great day for engagement. Create a little quiz or throw out some facts about your industry to get people talking and interacting.

5 – Golden Globe Awards – There is always buzz around the Golden Globes. There are some pretty powerful films battling it out this year, including Joker and Marriage Story just to name a couple. Any predictions?

17 – Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day – Statistically, people give up on the new year’s resolutions 17 days into the new year. What about you? Will you still be going strong?

20 – Blue Monday – Blue Monday was actually calculated to be the “most depressing day of the year” due to a number of factors. It’s when post-Christmas blues well and truly settle in, it’s gloomy outside and you’re in the middle of a month that seems never-ending. But we believe the day is what you make of it, and there are plenty of ways to stay productive and keep optimistic about the year ahead. What are some of the ways you beat the January blues?

20 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – The US celebrates the incredible work of civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King, Jr. on the third Monday of the month. This national holiday marks his legacy.

25 – Chinese New Year – 2020 marks the Year of the Rat in the Chinese zodiac. This time of year always brings some bright and colourful celebrations!

25 – Burns Night – The 25th also marks Burns Night, an evening of celebration of the renowned Scottish poet Robbie Burns. Will you be trying a little haggis, neeps and tatties to mark the day? Robbie Burns had a wonderful way with words, so why not share your favourite quote/excerpt?

26 – Grammy Awards – Like the Golden Globes, the Grammys are always a trending topic, especially on Twitter. Weigh in on the conversations if appropriate, and don’t forget the appropriate hashtags too.

27 – Chocolate Cake Day – If you needed something to keep you going for these last few days of the month, take part in chocolate cake day. It’s the perfect excuse to indulge.

Let’s Work Together in Making This Year the Best Yet!

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