Key Dates for Social Media – April 2019

The flowers are blooming, the temperatures are getting a bit warmer, noses are running, and hay fever is rife…spring must be in full swing! April is such a lovely time of year. There are also plenty of holidays and days off for people to be able to enjoy some of the sunshine! Want to know what’s important to mention this month? Here are some of the key dates for social media for April to include in your social media marketing strategy.

Important Dates to Consider in April 2019

1 – April Fool’s Day – Love it or hate it, April Fool’s Day is usually full of pranks and jokes. Some companies are absolutely brilliant at pulling pranks on their followers on social media, while others, not so much! Here are some good ones to help inspire you.

6 – Grand National – Social media will be full of talk about the Grand National, both positive and negative.

7 – World Health Day – Since 1950, the World Health Organization has been promoting the 7th of April as World Health Day. Each year has a theme, and 2019’s is all about universal health coverage, bringing awareness to those who still have no access to healthcare at all.

10 – Siblings’ Day (US) – A day just for our brothers and sisters comes up on the 10th. Siblings day in the UK will be on 31st May.

11 – National Pet Day – Pictures of pets do well on social media any day of the week, but this day, in particular, is a day to celebrate our beloved pets. Share pictures of your own an encourage your followers to do the same. It is also National Pet Month!

16 – Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day – Why worry what to wear when you can just roll out of bed and head to work?! Okay, so maybe this isn’t an ideal day for everyone, but it can be fun and a good excuse to stay in comfortable clothing all day!

19 – Good Friday – For many, Good Friday marks the start of a long Easter weekend. There will be plenty of conversations around the excitement of a few days off. If your business is also taking a break over the Easter holidays, don’t forget to let your audiences know in advance!

21 – Easter Sunday – Happy Easter! Are you running any promotions for this time of year? Here are some fun non-traditional Easter campaigns by other companies that can help inspire you to create your own.

22 – Easter Monday (Bank Holiday – UK) – Easter Monday is an extra day of rest for those in the UK.

22 – Earth Day – The 22nd is also Earth Day, which marks the day the modern movement for the environment started. It is said to be celebrated by over a billion people every year, as more and more become environmentally-aware and aim to fight against environmental issues such as global warming. Expect trending topics around this day.

23 – St. George’s Day (England) – England’s patron saint, St. George, gets his day of recognition today.

Let Us Help in Your Social Media Planning

There are plenty of key dates for social media in April to consider, but how do we implement them? Businesses should never try to cram everything in, but instead, pick the days they know their audiences relate to.

If you would like some ideas for your business on how to include some of these key dates for social media in April and want to discuss your social media marketing strategy, then have a chat with us at Digital Flamingo. We love helping businesses be creative with their social media in a way that gets their customers talking!

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