Easy and Free Social Media Tools

We recently hosted our very first Social Media Coffee Morning where we invited local businesses for a chance to hear about the latest in social media marketing news and how it can be applied to their business, as well as tips and tricks to help them with social media strategy. February’s topic was all about the easy-to-use and free social media tools that are right there for our disposal. Here are some of our favorites!

Scheduling Tools

If you ask those in social media marketing what their favorite social media management platform is, you will be met with a lot of different answers! There are so many different scheduling tools out there we can use, many with a free version, but which one you choose will be completely down to your personal preference. We suggest trying out a few of the different free versions to see which works best for you (All plans and pricing are correct as of March 2019).

Buffer is a very easy-to-use scheduling platform. It is very easy to navigate and has no frills, but if you are wanting to get more in-depth with your analytics, you can upgrade, with plans starting as low as $15 per month. The free version lets you connect three different accounts and schedule up to 10 posts for each.

Hootsuite is probably one of the more well-known social media management platforms out there. It is always evolving and is a great way to work with teams. Their free version allows for three platforms and up to 30 scheduled posts.

Later is a new social media management tool that is making plenty of waves as it’s quickly becoming a favorite for many who love Instagram. However, it will allow for posts to other social media platforms too. The free plan lets you connect one social media account and schedule 30 posts (Twitter gets 50). The paid plans start from as little as $9 per month.

Planoly is all about visual marketing. If your main focus is Instagram (as it’s the only platform allowed at the moment), it may be worth giving Planoly a try. Schedule up to 30 posts on one profile for free.

We do love a bit of Twitter here at Digital Flamingo, and when we want to have a better look of what’s happening with hashtags or schedule in tweets, we like Tweetdeck. Of course, it’s only for Twitter, but it’s absolutely free to use. Watch your timeline and hashtags in real-time and keep your messages and scheduled posts all on one platform.

Creating Free Graphics

Everything you post on social media should have a visual of some sort. Creating your own graphics to go along with your posts can be vital in effecting sending across the right message to your audience. You don’t need to be a graphic designer though! Get on board with Canva, if you haven’t already. Make your own social media graphics for nearly any platform, as well as other promotional material, with plenty of free-to-use templates and pictures. Upload your logo and put those on the graphics you create too!

Adobe Spark is a good alternative. You can also do videos. We find that using Adobe Spark in Microsoft Edge works best.

Royalty-Free Photos

Looking for that perfect picture to use on your social media or blog? You should always use your own or royalty-free image to ensure you do not infringe on copyright. We like the stunning images found at:





From Unsplash

With these, you can ensure you are getting a high-quality image. Alternatively, you can use Google Image Search and choose Labeled for Reuse under Usage Rights, but the pictures aren’t always the best. We suggest checking on the above sites first to see what you can find.

Other Free Social Media Tools

ManyChat Messenger Bot – This is a great way to get started if you’re interested in implementing a messenger bot. No coding needed! Your audience can subscribe and get alerts when you have something like a new blog post. Click through rates surpass e-mails by far (30-60%)!

BuzzSumo – Find content that’s already proving to be popular and share it, or even better, write your own take on it and share it everywhere since you already know it is a trending topic in your industry. This free social media tools gives you up to ten entries from the last full year, but paid versions allow you to narrow it down.

A Little Time Spent Now Saves A Lot Later

Take your time in going through all the free social media tools and see what can be beneficial to you. Create graphics and save photo that can be useful in your social media planning. Spending a bit of time now gathering all the assets you need in your social media marketing plan will save you a lot of time and hassle in the future! Take advantage of al these free tools, and if something works particularly well, you may consider paid versions.

If you feel you would benefit in some insight on what direction to take your social media marketing strategy in, talk to us at Digital Flamingo! We love helping businesses create a plan that works for them and their audience, as well as going through all the tools they can use to relay their message across all types of social media platforms. Get in touch to discuss our various social media marketing solutions and how we can help your business.

Key Dates for Social Media – March 2019

We’re well and truly into the swing of things for the year, which is a good thing since March brings a whole lot to shout about on social media! This month, there is an abundance of celebrations, awareness days, and just-for-fun days that have statistically been shown to cause a stir on social platforms. To help you plan your strategy for the month, here are just some of the key dates for social media in March to consider.

March Key Social Media Dates

The month of March kicks off with Employee Appreciation Day. Of course, we should be reminding our employees throughout the year of how appreciated they are. This helps morale and motivation (plus it’s just nice to be told that you’re appreciated!), but let this day serve as a reminder to give your employees a high-five for their hard work.

Dr. Seuss gave us fun rhyming stories, often with appositive message, and unforgettable illustrations that are still treasured by children today. March 2nd marks his 105th birthday. It is also Read Across America Day, a nationwide initiative to get everyone to pick up a book. And if that wasn’t enough, don’t forget World Book Day on March 7th, a day to celebrate our favorite authors and illustrators. Which books left a positive impression on you when you were younger? How about as an adult? Ask your audience.

March 5th is that incredible carnival Mardi Gras down in New Orleans, but other festivities for this day (also known as Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday) also includes Pancake Day. Will you be cooking up pancakes? We will!

Let’s hear it for the girls! International Women’s Day falls on Friday, March 8th. On this day, we celebrate the successes of women and how far they’ve come through hardships throughout the years. We should be telling the world about all these women who have broken barriers and are making waves to inspire the next generation. And don’t limit it to one day only – March is Woman’s History Month. Here’s to strong women everywhere.

St. Patrick’s Day is also around the corner on Sunday the 17th. This may be a day for the Irish, but it’s a day that people around the world love getting in on!

March 20th marks the International day of Happiness. What or who makes you happiest?

We know a lot of the days we mention seem silly and made up. Do you ever want to make up your own special day of celebration? It’s your chance on March 26th, which is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! What will you pick?

Finally, Earth Hour will take place between 8:30-9:30pm on March 30th. For this one hour, turn off the lights and electronics and join the world in taking a stand against climate change and other issues that are affecting our home. This is a very popular trending topic on social media as shown by the WWF stats here.

Work on Those Strategies!

While there are quite a few key dates for social media in March, don’t feel the need to schedule something in for every single one of them. Stick with the few you can bring value to within the trending topics and know your audience will respond to positively.

Need help putting together your strategy and/or social media calendar? Get in touch with us over at Digital Flamingo, where we love talking about strategy and putting together ideas to celebrate all the days worth shouting about!

Key Dates for Social Media in February

January just seems like the longest month, doesn’t it? Now that we’re finally nearing the end of it, it’s time to get excited over all the fun dates to come. February is full of them! We tend to associate February with Valentine’s Day, but there is a lot more to look forward to, especially when it comes to planning your social media. Here are just some of the popular key dates for social media in February for 2019 and how to implement them into your strategy.

February Social Media Dates

Groundhog Day on February 2nd marks a popular tradition in both the United States and Canada. Stemming from an old superstition, it is believed that if a groundhog sees his shadow on this day, then it’s six more weeks of winter. Will the famous Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow this year? Social media will be talking about it for sure.

World Cancer Day is on February 4th and is meant to help raise awareness and spread the word about prevention and detection. The aim is to encourage people to attend regular screenings as necessary and know the signs to look for, especially since early detection can make all the difference.

Pizza Day on the 9th doesn’t need any explanation! Why not get friends or family around to indulge on your favourite pizzas? What are your favourite toppings?

Radio Day is on the 13th – Do you still listen to the radio or is streaming your thing?

Of course, Valentine’s Day is on February 14th. The day that’s all about love deserves a mention for sure.

Random acts of kindness should be done all year long, but the 17th marks the day to celebrate it. Spread the word to your followers about the day to make the world a little happier on the day.

If you needed an excuse to enjoy a margarita, the 22nd is the day for you. It’ll be even better enjoyed on a beach, but if you’re stuck in a cold, wintery climate, enjoy a margarita anyways!

Finally, Fairtrade Fortnight starts on the 25th and runs until March 10th.

Get Help with Your Social Media Strategy

Unsure how to put your social media strategy together for the year? Let Digital Flamingo help! With various social media marketing solutions, we’ll work with you in determining the best way forward that connects you with your audience. Get in touch to discuss your options, and let us help you be seen in a busy digital world.

Key Dates for Social Media in January

The festivities of the Christmas/New Year period are starting to die down, and it’s back to work and back to normality for many of us. January is often associated with a dull and gloomy time because of it, but the month comes with many of its own little celebrations! And many of them can prove to be important for your social media in January 2019.

Are They Even Worth Mentioning?

These awareness/just-for-fun days may seem trivial, made up, and flat-out ridiculous, however many of them can pick up steam on social media, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on being part of the buzz surrounding a topic.

We always provide some of the most popular or silly days that could be worth mentioning, but businesses shouldn’t feel compelled to create content surrounding them all. Choose a few that you feel relate to your business or that your audience could respond to.

Don’t Forget Hashtags!

Hashtags for these days can be key to your strategy for social media in January. However, be aware of the platform you’re using. For example, hashtags are great on Instagram, but not so much on Facebook.

It helps to have a look at the trending topics on Twitter or to see what’s happening with a specific hashtag on Instagram to get an idea of what’s being discussed.

Key Dates for Social Media in January

World Braille Day falls on the 4th and is a celebration of Louis Braille, the creator of the Braille system. This new way of reading and writing opened up the world of many who a living with sight loss.

The 4th is also Trivia Day. Why not have a little fun with your audience and host a little trivia of your own? It is a great way to build engagement! It is also a good idea for a live video if you’re feeling brave.


Hat Day (more proof that there really is a day or everything) is on the 15th. If you happen to sell hats, today is obviously your day, or you can get in on the fun by sharing some of your own silly hats and encouraging others to do the same.

Who can’t resist a bit of popcorn when they’re at the cinema? National Popcorn Day is on the 19th. Do you like yours sweet, salty, or a bit of both?

Blue Monday is said to be the most depressing day of the year. It always falls on the third Monday of January, making it the 21st January this year. Blue Monday is dubbed the most miserable day due to the weather, post-Christmas slump and debt, and all-around low motivational levels many seem to have this time of year. But we say the day is what you make of it! Post something uplifting and motivational to help your followers get through the day.

As if we haven’t indulged enough in the month before, Pie Day is on the 23rd (not to be confused with the famous ‘Pi Day’ in March!). The weather should be perfect to bake up some warm apple pie. To make January even more delicious, Chocolate Cake Day is on the 27th. Ask your audience which kind they prefer. Food is always a good talking point (if appropriate).

January is often a time when people quit alcohol after a very merry Christmas period, so expect to see #DryJanuary throughout the month.

Again, businesses shouldn’t feel the need to get involved in every single celebration day out there. Stick with ones you can easily implement into your business and those that will resonate with your target audience, other you risk a negative effect.

We’ll Help You Plan a Strategy That’s Best for Your Business

If you’re wanting a little help in getting together your strategy for social media in January and beyond, then get in touch! Digital Flamingo work with you in devising a plan suited to your target audiences to help raise engagement. Let’s have a chat to discuss how our social media marketing solutions can help your business!

Key Dates for Social Media in November

It’s here! Crisp days, cold nights, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet – November is a beautiful time of year, one that is full of tradition for many. It’s also the start of the Christmas-panic as the shops go into the full-festive mode, ready for the busiest shopping day of the year. A strategy for your social media in November is an absolute must for any business if you’re wanting to compete. These are some key dates to consider.

Dates for Social Media in November

In the restaurant/catering business? Then don’t miss out on sandwich day, although anyone can get involved! I imagine many pictures of sandwiches on that day (even more so than usual!) so I suggest scrolling when you aren’t hungry.

Remember, remember the 5th of November! Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Day is approaching for those in the UK.

The 13th sees World Kindness Day, a little reminder that kindness doesn’t cost a thing and yet goes a long, long way.

International Men’s Day is the 19th. Some countries put on big celebrations while others use the day to help raise awareness of men’s health, both physical and mental.

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! World Hello Day is on the 21st!

One of the biggest days of celebration of the year in the US takes place on Thursday, November 22. Thanksgiving is a day of doing just that – giving thanks for the past year and enjoying a feast, complete with pumpkin pie, of course, before the cold winter months ahead.

Small Business Saturday for the US takes place on the 24th. Although we should be supporting our small businesses all year long, this day is a reminder to check out at what local businesses have to offer for Christmas. You may find yourself an amazing unique gift that you wouldn’t be able to buy anywhere else! Small Business Saturday in the UK is on December 1st. This is followed by “Cyber Monday”, a day where many great deals could be found online, although with online shopping on the rise, the deals are often found all weekend long.

Cake Day doesn’t need an explanation. If you ever needed an excuse o eat cake (and post about it on Instagram), then this day is for you!

Finally, the month ends with Giving Tuesday on the 27th. This day serves as a reminder to give back to charities who would appreciate a little extra help before the Christmas season. We support local charity Tameside4Good and will be shouting about all the great work they do on the day.

Black Friday

Love it or hate it, there is no escaping the power of Black Friday, which is on the 23rd. People will be scouring the internet for deals before the biggest shopping day of the year, so it is always worth mentioning. If you re doing a deal, let people know ahead of time to log in and make their purchase on the day or to come visit in-store. You don’t need to offer massive discounts.

If you do want to do something for Black Friday, many businesses offer a coupon/voucher with any purchase to use again in January. This helps get returning customers after the busy Christmas period whilst still offering an incentive to make a purchase now. Other businesses may choose to offer free shipping or free gift with item, a slight discount, or an increasing discount with however many items bought. Many businesses choose not to participate at all, and that’s perfectly okay! But remember your customers are searching for “Black Friday deals” on this day, so try to mention it in some capacity in your strategy for social media in November.

Think Ahead!

There are a few BIG dates here, especially towards the end of the month, but at the same time, you must be thinking ahead about Christmas. Check out our past blog on dates for December (although many dates might be obvious!). In addition, think about how long it takes to set up orders and last shipping dates. You should give yourself ample time to get everything ready and to let your customers know. This will help make Christmas more enjoyable for you, instead of being in a panic about what to post and when.

We Can Help!

Don’t know where to begin in your social media for November or Christmas planning? Get in touch with us at Digital Flamingo and let’s work together in creating the perfect strategy for your business. We aim to get you seen, and to help make this busy time of year as stress-free as possible (at least when it comes to your marketing!) Let’s have a chat to get started!

Key Dates for Social Media in October

October is a lovely time of year. Autumn is well and truly setting in, the leaves will be falling soon and all things spooky will be making an appearance towards the end of the month. Social media in October will be full of people gearing up for Halloween, and even Christmas! But there are a few other fun dates worth mentioning this month too.

Dates to Consider

The month starts with International Coffee Day, which is, quite appropriately, on a Monday! Coffee is enjoyed around the world, so a post about it can be relatable to many.

The first Friday of every October is World Smile Day. A simple smile can make someone’s day and today celebrates the power behind it! The 5th is also World Teachers’ Day. Let’s take time to appreciate all the educators out there.

Day of the Girl, on the 11th of October, is dedicated to highlighting the struggles young girls around the world are facing. It aims to promote empowerment.

World Food Day is the day the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN was founded, but it now aims to help tackle hunger. Many organizations use the day to collect food for those in need.

The month, of course, ends with Halloween! There will be a lot of build-up leading to the big day! If your business is getting into the spooky mood and decorating and/or dressing up, be sure to share the pictures!

October also marks Pizza Month (yum!) and importantly, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Get Ready!

Social media in October has a big focus around Halloween, but as soon as it is over, get ready for the Christmas season! Get your ideas and content ready now for November and December to make your social media marketing efforts easier in the busy season. For a look ahead, check out our Key Dates for Autumn/Winter blog.

If you need a helping hand, get in touch with us at Digital Flamingo where we can help you create the perfect social media strategy and content calendar for your business.

Social Media Training Autumn Special

From now until the first of October, Digital Flamingo is offering 20% for in-house social media training. This is the perfect opportunity to get your business ready for the busy season ahead with greater knowledge into social media marketing.

Our affordable social media training is completely tailored to your business. Time is spent on topics that matter to you and your customers. It’s hands-on too, so we will be able to work on things together for even greater understanding.

What does it include?

Social media training is either for a half- or full-day and includes the following:

  • Consultation before training to discuss requirements
  • Bespoke training plan
  • Social media strategy
  • 30 days’ ongoing support after training, including follow up meeting

Depending on your business’ needs, social media training with Digital Flamingo can cover:

  • Introduction to social media marketing
  • Introduction to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and/or Pinterest
  • Setting up business pages
  • How to create a social media strategy
  • Creating content
  • The importance of hashtags and when to use them
  • Responding to comments and reviews
  • Scheduling
  • Setting up a social media policy for your business
  • …and much more!

Packages start at only £199 for a half-day and £360 for a full-day, including discount. Dates are limited, so get in touch to discuss your requirements and let us come up with a plan for your company’s social media training.

Why should my business do a social media training course?

Social media training allows businesses to better connect with their customers. This is created with a better understanding on how social media marketing works and developing plans that see results.

No matter what industry you’re in, social media can work for you. send us a message to arrange a free, no-obligation initial meeting to discuss requirements.

Terms and Conditions apply:

£50 deposit to secure date must be paid by 1st October 2018 to qualify for discount. Remaining balance is due before agreed training date.

Deposit is non-refundable if date is cancelled within 14 days of agreed training date. Deposit and any payment towards the balance will also be refunded in full in the event the trainer from Digital Flamingo cancels.

Training is recommended for ten attendees or less.

In-house social media training is limited to the Greater Manchester area.

Key Dates for Social Media in September

The weather is starting to cool down after a blistering summer, kids are going back to school (if they haven’t already!), and things seem a bit more back to normal…it can only mean that September is here!

This is the start of a busy yet exciting part of the year. Although no major holidays to speak of, there are still several events to consider when planning social media in September.

Key Days for Social Media in September

September kicks off with the just-for-fun World Beard Day. Today’s the day to celebrate all the awesome beards out there! No doubt #WorldBeardDay will be an epic hashtag on this day.

The 5th is the International Day of Charity. This United Nations adopted day is meant to bring awareness to poverty within in the world and how various organizations around the world are coming together to help.

You’ll see quite a bit about American Football from around the 9th. The National Football League starts again after a long break.

Also on the 9th is Teddy Bear Day! It’s another just-for-fun day to remember our cuddly friends we had growing up. Use #NationalTeddyBearDay to show pictures of any special Teddy Bears you may still have or to show off some of your own creations if you’re the creative, crafty sort!

Arrrr you ready for the 19th? It be Talk Like a Pirate Day! Never underestimate the power of this day on social media. Expect an abundance of pirate jokes, puns, and of course posts that arrrrr in pirate-talk (We love this day, if you can’t tell!)

Finally, the end of September ushers in the Autumn on the 23rd. There will be a lot of chatter around the #FirstDayofAutumn (or #FirstDayofFall). Also use #HelloAutumn or #HelloFall.

#HelloSeptember and #BackToSchool will also be popular towards the beginning of the month.

Social media in September is bound to be full of fun and happy posts! Will your business be part of it?

Get Planning!

Want to know what’s coming up for the rest of the year? Check out our past blog on Key Dates for Autumn/Winter 2018 for insight on important dates to include in your social media planning.

If you could use a helping hand with a social media strategy for the busy season to come, then let’s chat! We’re thrilled to help businesses in their social media planning to make this crazy time of year a bit less stressful and a lot more rewarding!

Important Dates for Social Media This Autumn/Winter

August is such an enjoyable and relaxing time for many, but it seems like when September hits, everything comes quickly! Before you know it, autumn is here, Halloween makes an appearance, then in a blink Christmas is here! This time of year is very busy for businesses. If you don’t plan your social media for autumn and winter ahead of time, it can be stressful too.

Now is absolutely the time to prepare your social media marketing for the rest of 2018. Having a strategy in place will help you be ready for the busy season without wondering what to post, free up some time, and reduce stress. Above all, you will be able to enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

To help businesses plan their social media marketing for the rest of 2018, we’ve compiled a list of important and just-for-fun dates to consider implementing into your posts:


1 – World Beard Day

3 – Labor Day (US)

5 – #CharityDay

8 – #LiteracyDay

8 – Star Trek Day

9 – NFL Opening Weekend

9 – Teddy Bear Day

12 – Video Games Day

19 – Talk Like a Pirate Day       

23 – First Day of Autumn


1 – International Coffee Day

5 – World Teachers’ Day

5 – World Smile Day

11 – #DayoftheGirl 

12 – World Food Day

31 – Halloween

October is also pizza month and breast cancer awareness month.


3 – Sandwich Day

5 – Bonfire Night

13 – World Kindness Day

19 – International Men’s Day

21 – World Hello Day

22 – Thanksgiving (US)

23 – Black Friday

24 – Small Business Saturday (US)

26 – Cyber Monday

26 – Cake Day

27 – Giving Tuesday


1 – Small Business Saturday (UK)

2 – Hanukkah Starts

3 – Make a Gift Day

21 – Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

23 – Festivus

25 – Christmas Day

26 – Boxing Day

31 – New Year’s Eve

Before each month, we will go more in-depth about the dates and fun ways to include them in your content calendar, so be sure to check back!

Don’t forget to check out our blog about planning for Christmas too, where there are tips on what you should be doing now to prepare your business for the rush ahead of the big day.

Need some insight on putting together a strategy? Want to leave your content calendar to someone else? Digital Flamingo are happy to help with various solutions that aim to get your business seen! Get in touch now to discuss how we can help build a healthy social media presence for your business for this autumn/winter.

Key Dates for Social Media in August

Can you believe it is August already? We have another month of summer ahead before the -ber months start, then time really seems to go quickly and before you know it, we’ll be prepping for Christmas!

Before all that though, we have another month of fun and relaxation, with plenty of “just for fun” days popping up. These are a few of the dates that could be trending on social media in August.

social media dates for August

Run-down of Key Dates in August

August kicks off with Yorkshire Day, a day to celebrate, well, all things Yorkshire! there will be several celebrations happening throughout the gorgeous county. If you’re a proud Yorkshire business, then get posting about it today!

There’s nothing better than wasting time online looking at funny cat memes. In fact, they can drive a lot of traffic and increase your reach. International Cat Day on the 8th will make a great day to post your favorite cat meme and encourage others to do the same.

There is no denying how popular football is. The Premier League opening weekend begins August 11th.

Left-handers, rejoice! There’s a day just for you on the 13th!

World Photo Day is on the 19th, and it’s a good time to ask people to share their own photos or those that they particularly love. This day seems to get bigger every year, probably thanks to social media, with people able to share their favorites more easily.

Finally, the month is rounded off with a Bank Holiday for those in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland – the last Bank Holiday before Christmas!

Many will be out enjoying their summer this month, with kids in the UK and parts of the US off school and families taking time off together. Expect to see a lot of use of the hashtags #summer, #summetime #vacationtime, #holiday and the like. Kids will be heading back to soon though so #BackToSchool is expected to be trending from mid-August to early September.

You can find even more dates to use in social media in August here!

Like we first mentioned, the rest of the year will just fly by, so planning for it now is essential. Yes, that means determining your social media marketing strategy for Christmas much sooner rather than later. Our last blog here gives tips on what you should be doing to make it less stressful, so you get more time to relax and enjoy the festive season.

Which day(s) are you looking forward to the most?