Blogging is one amazing tool to incorporate into your digital marketing! You can literally pick any platform best for you and write anything your heart desires, from the latest makeup trends to your views on the political world. You no longer have to write a letter to the editor of a local paper to get your opinion heard.


Now, businesses are using blogs to stay up-to-date on their industry, help gain customers and of course, use the platform to increase SEO!

Here are a few tips on how to blog effectively.

Know your audience – Who is your target market? You want to make sure your tone and words used appeal to that audience. It helps to create a consumer profile. What does a typical consumer of your service/product like? What do they do for fun?

Pick a topic – A bit obvious, but of course you need something to write about, but you should be specific. For example, if you are selling skin care products, it wouldn’t do you much good to write a blog on just “skin care”. You’ll run out of things to write about! Stick with topics like “How to deal with dry, winter skin” or “5 ways to tackle redness”.

Your opening sentences should be captivating – A goldfish had the attention span of a mere nine seconds. Thanks to the internet and the instant information age, humans now have an attention span less than that. If your opening sentences are not interesting enough for the reader, they will move on.

goldfishEdit, proof, format! – It doesn’t hurt to look over your post again. Any pictures inserted may move text, so don’t be afraid to go back and edit anything.

Add tags – On WordPress, they’re “tags”, on Blogger, they’re “labels”…whatever they’re called, use them. Use your keywords of the blog here. Not only will it help categorize blog posts, making it easier for people to find blog posts of the same type, but it will also help with your SEO.

Have a call-to-action at the end – Invite readers to subscribe, order a product, leave a comment, go to another page, follow/like on social media…anything. Get your audience to interact.

Include links to other pages – You’re not sending readers away, you’re helping your SEO!

Include visuals – This is going back to the attention span (or lack thereof) I mentioned earlier. Visuals are always useful and will keep a reader’s interest. And when you save your pictures, be sure to save them with keywords related to your product or service. Search engines scan the names of pictures too. It all helps with SEO!

Numbers in titles can be great but use wisely – “5 easy tips for blogging” is a lot less daunting than “34 things to do while blogging”.

Not sure where to start? We can help you from getting started to creating a series of blogs to confidently share with your audience - complete with those all-important keywords for Google, too! Get in touch today to discuss your industry and blogging goals.