Facebook has been taking the steps to reduce “fake news” from making its way to our news feeds, but in addition to that, the social media giants recently announced they are now working towards reducing the number of website links that are loaded with ads and pop-ups and do not have substantial content from appearing on news feeds.

Facebook says they are acting on requests from users who click on misleading links only to be bombarded with malicious ads and pop-ups. From last Wednesday, they have started rolling out a reduction of these low-quality links. The process will take a few months, but they have already reviewed thousands of links to determine the similar characteristics they have to put together an artificial intelligence system to identify new links that have been posted and make sure they don’t get seen on news feeds.

This is just part of the recent updates the social media platform have done to weed out the “financially-motivated spammers” and enhance the user experience while keeping users safe from malicious pages.

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What does this mean for you?

If Facebook artificial intelligence system feels you do not have substantial content and more ads, then this can affect your reach greatly. This may prevent you from creating ads using that link.

Alternatively, links that have high-quality content should see an increase.

What you can do

Even if your page is genuine, you will want to make sure the AI sees it that way. While most small business pages won’t have to worry about this, if the page is full of affiliate links and pop-ups and not a lot of actual content, then your landing page should be reconsidered. Facebook says to continue posting content your audience will enjoy looking at, meaning more content and pictures and fewer ads, redirections, and pop-ups. As previously mentioned, you may see a small increase in reach if your links are to landing pages that show the audience exactly what they are looking for.

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