Key Dates for Social Media in January 2020

Wow – a new year and a new decade! While it may seem exciting at first (and the perfect time to review your social media marketing goals for the year), January quickly becomes a long and gloomy month for many – but fear not! There are plenty of fun key dates for social media in January to get involved with and include in your strategy for the month.

Key Dates for Social Media in January 2020

Calendar of events for January

1 – New Year’s Day – Yep, it’s the first day of the year! Shout out about your goals for the year ahead and give a little insight into what your followers can expect in 2020.

4 – Trivia Day – In what year did Facebook launch? On average, how many Tweets are sent per day? We might put you to the test with these and more on the 4th! Trivia day is a great day for engagement. Create a little quiz or throw out some facts about your industry to get people talking and interacting.

5 – Golden Globe Awards – There is always buzz around the Golden Globes. There are some pretty powerful films battling it out this year, including Joker and Marriage Story just to name a couple. Any predictions?

17 – Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day – Statistically, people give up on the new year’s resolutions 17 days into the new year. What about you? Will you still be going strong?

20 – Blue Monday – Blue Monday was actually calculated to be the “most depressing day of the year” due to a number of factors. It’s when post-Christmas blues well and truly settle in, it’s gloomy outside and you’re in the middle of a month that seems never-ending. But we believe the day is what you make of it, and there are plenty of ways to stay productive and keep optimistic about the year ahead. What are some of the ways you beat the January blues?

20 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – The US celebrates the incredible work of civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King, Jr. on the third Monday of the month. This national holiday marks his legacy.

25 – Chinese New Year – 2020 marks the Year of the Rat in the Chinese zodiac. This time of year always brings some bright and colourful celebrations!

25 – Burns Night – The 25th also marks Burns Night, an evening of celebration of the renowned Scottish poet Robbie Burns. Will you be trying a little haggis, neeps and tatties to mark the day? Robbie Burns had a wonderful way with words, so why not share your favourite quote/excerpt?

26 – Grammy Awards – Like the Golden Globes, the Grammys are always a trending topic, especially on Twitter. Weigh in on the conversations if appropriate, and don’t forget the appropriate hashtags too.

27 – Chocolate Cake Day – If you needed something to keep you going for these last few days of the month, take part in chocolate cake day. It’s the perfect excuse to indulge.

Let’s Work Together in Making This Year the Best Yet!

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Key Dates for Social Media – November 2019

November is here, and with it comes all the preparations for Christmas! But this month has plenty to celebrate too, so check out these key dates for social media for November. Don’t miss out on some of these trends! Which ones will you be including in your social media marketing strategy for the month?

Keys Dates for Social Media – November 2019

1st – World Vegan Day – For all you vegans, this day is for you! World Vegan Day was created to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the UK Vegan Society, but its purpose is to bring awareness to veganism. Even non-Vegans can get in on the celebrations by trying a delicious vegan meal!

3rd – Sandwich Day – Which is your favourite type of sandwich? Do you prefer hot or cold? Do you put crisps/chips on your sandwich? Ask your audience these yummy questions on Sandwich Day on the third!

5th – Bonfire Night – “Remember, remember, the fifth of November!” Tonight is the night the UK celebrates Guy Fawkes’ attempt to end parliament with huge bonfires and fireworks. Find a brief history of the famous night and how it’s celebrated here.

6th – Stress Awareness Day – Stress has huge effects on us, both mentally and physically. It is important that we take time for ourselves to try to de-stress, even if it means saying “no” sometimes. What do you like to do to de-stress?

13th – World Kindness Day – The world can be a cruel place, so why not brighten it up with little acts of kindness? Sure, we should be doing this all year long, but today especially, let’s show off one of the best qualities a human can have and at no cost too, kindness! Will you be displaying random acts of kindness on this day?

19th – International Men’s Day – International Men’s Day was originally created to promote the awareness of men’s health issues. There will be events across the globe shouting about men’s health and the importance of looking after one’s self.

21st – World Hello Day – A simple hello can lead to a million things! Today is to recognize how basic communication with strangers can make a difference to someone’s day. Why not come say hello over a coffee with us?

28th – Thanksgiving (US) – Thanksgiving in the US comes with deeply-rooted traditions, and while everyone may celebrate a bit differently, in general it is a day to gather, eat, and give thanks for all the good things that has happened over the past year.

29th – Black Friday – Love it or hate it, you cannot escape the popularity of Black Friday! It is THE biggest shopping day of the year, so even if you do not plan on having any Black Friday promotions, to capitalise on the importance on the day is vital for those in retail. Plan your Black Friday strategy in advance and get in on the crazy shopping action!

November is Also…

  • Movember (Men’s health awareness by growing a moustache/beard all month)
  • Native American History Month
  • Adoption Month

Get Your Social Media Strategy Ready Now

A little late in planning your social media marketing strategy for the crazy festive season? We can help by working with your business in developing the perfect plan that leaves your marketing stress-free, leaving your more time to enjoy the holidays rather than worrying about what to post.

Don’t delay – Christmas will be here before you know it! Get in touch with Digital Flamingo today for a chat about your digital marketing.

Key Dates for Social Media – October 2019

October is such a beautiful time of year. We absolutely love seeing the shift in colours with the extra crisp in the air as autumn is finally in full swing. It will be busy in the run up to Christmas (yea, we said it!). Planning ahead of time especially at this time of year is essential. So, when creating your social media strategy for the month ahead, here are some key dates for social media in October 2019 to consider.

Key Dates for Social Media in October 2019

Get ready for a fun month ahead with these trending topics and key dates for social media in October 2019.

1 – International Coffee Day – Did you know that coffee is the most popular beverage in the world? At least it is in this office!

4 – World Smile Day – See someone who needs a smile? Give them yours! Smiles are universal, infectious, and can brighten someone’s day to come across a friendly face. Give a compliment, ask someone about their day, do a random act of kindness…let’s pass on smiles today (and every day, really…!)

10 – World Mental Health Day – It’s great that we are talking more about mental health, but there is more to be done. World Mental Health Day is to bring more awareness, and to spread the message that it’s okay to not be okay and that there is always someone around to talk to.

14 – Canadian Thanksgiving – Canada celebrates their version of Thanksgiving, which always falls on the second Monday of October. Although many may choose to indulge in their big Thanksgiving meal over the weekend, Monday is the chance to chill out and watch some sports!

16 – World Food Day – World Food Day was created alongside the launch of the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation. It is focused on different aspects of food, from production to sustainability to availability.

24 – United Nations Day – The UN is an organisation known around the world. They help in times of need, bringing together countries to unite in helping people, whether during natural disasters to areas victims of war. United Nations Day celebrates all the good that has come from the UN and to spread the word about what they stand for.

25 – International Artists Day – Here’s one for all the creative people out there! This day is for you! Why not show off your work on this day? Tell people what inspire you, what type of mediums you use, and why you use them.

27 – Daylight Savings Ends (UK) – Clocks go back an hour in the UK, marking the end of British Summer Time. Get ready for shorter days and earlier nights!

31 – Halloween – This day needs no introduction. Halloween is often considered the first “big” holiday of the season. There is no denying how important this day can be, especially if you’re a retailer. This day and the lead up to it is full of fun for all ages. If appropriate, why not implement Halloween-themed marketing into your planning? Need some inspiration? Find some ideas here (and be sure to let us know too, because we LOVE Halloween!) Decorate your office and show off some pictures for a fun behind-the-scenes look, have a pumpkin carving contest for your employees or even ask your followers to get involved.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, encouraging women to know the signs and to check themselves regularly! Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women worldwide, but it can be treated if spotted early. There will be lots of talk surrounding this topic this month to help make women aware of the signs and symptoms.

We’ll Help You Plan

Already starting to feel overwhelmed with the busy season just ahead? Let Digital Flamingo help in your social media planning! We work with your business in creating the perfect strategy that connects you with your audience, giving you one less thing to worry about in the festive period.

Get in touch to arrange a chat about how Digital Flamingo can work with your business to up your social media game!

Key Dates for Social Media – September 2019

Is anyone else excited that September is here? It’s the start of the super busy yet fantastic -ber months! Autumn is nearly here and with it, there will be a lot going on in the run up to Christmas. There will be so much to do between now and then, but for now, here are some key dates for social media for September 2019 to consider for your social media marketing for the month!

Key Dates for Social Media for September 2019               

Here are just some of the just for key dates for social media for September that are often trending. Which ones will you get in on?

5th – Cheese Pizza Day – Yummy! The pizza that everyone loves – who can resist? Treat yourself today!

7th – World Beard Day – Here’s to all those epic beards out there! Today is a day where people from all countries and culture come together to celebrate their beard, and shaving it off on this day is considered disrespectful. (No, really.)

8th – Grandparents Day – Grandma and grandpa, nan and grandad, nanna, pop – whatever endearing term they’ve been given, a grandparent’s love is like none other. This day is for them.

9th – Teddy Bear Day – The teddy bear has been a well-loved toy for over a century now, having been first manufactured in the early 1900s.

10th – World Suicide Prevention Day – Today is a day to help bring awareness surrounding suicide and the help that is available. There are fantastic organisations out there, many volunteer-led, who work to give support to those in need. This day will be to stress that message even more.

12th – Video Games Day – Video Games Day is all about the history of video games, remembering your favorites growing up and maybe even now. Do you consider yourself a bit of a gamer?

13th – Friday the 13th – The dreaded Friday the 13th makes an appearance this month! But we always say, what is so bad about a Friday?

18th – Cheeseburger Day – Yes, even the mighty cheeseburger gets its own day as it has done since the 1920s! This iconic food even has its own famous song.

19th – Talk Like a Pirate Day – Do not underestimate the power of Talk Like a Pirate Day! This just-for-fun day has been celebrated since 1995 and is a trending topic every year. Some businesses have offered freebies for those who greet them in pirate-speak. Tell your best pirate joke, greet friends with “Ahoy, maties!” and get in on the silly day.

23rd – First Day of Autumn – Goodbye summer, hello autumn! Anyone else love this time of year? The colors are stunning, and the crispness in the air just make it a wonderful, cozy time of year.

29th – World Heart Day – World Heart Day is a campaign for heart health awareness. The World Heart Federation says you can be a heart hero by just promising to look after your heart. If you want to get in on the campaign on the day, their website has some resources available.

September is also Suicide Prevent Month, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Friendship Month and Preparedness Month.

Additional Hashtags

In addition to the above dates, other hashtags that are expected to be popular include #BackToSchool as many in England and Wales head back in the first week of September, as well as #GoodbyeSummer and #HelloAutumn or #HelloFall. This is also the beginning of the lead up to Halloween, so if you are selling Halloween-themed items or involved in any events, get talking about it now.

Keep it Simple

As always, remember you do not and should not feel the need to include every fun date into your social media calendar. Keep it simple and choose the ones that resonate with your industry and audience. It’s okay to do a bit just for fun, as long as you know it is something that will connect with your audience.

Need help putting together that social media marketing strategy, including advice on where to put in some just for fun content? Have a chat with us at Digital Flamingo! We love working with businesses in connecting with their audience and strengthening their social media game. Let’s grab a coffee and have a chat about what we can do for you.

Key Dates for Social Media – August 2019

August is a crazy time of year where many are either taking some well-deserved time off and hopefully enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation or busy getting things sorted before school starts again. Things can be quieter this month, but there is still plenty to celebrate (at least on social media). Here are some of the key dates for social media in August 2019 to include in your strategy for this month!

Events and Key Dates for Social Media in August 2019  

There is a big variety of key dates for social media in August, with something for everyone to get involved with.

2ndInternational Beer Day – Lucky for most that International Beer Day falls on a Friday! If you needed an excuse to celebrate, here it is.

2nd-26thEdinburgh Fringe Festival – This festival is the world’s largest celebration of the arts. Thousands flock to Edinburgh to experience any of the few thousand performances on offer, put on by anyone from aspiring actors to well-known names. It is an incredible event, for sure.

4thSisters’ Day – It is a day to appreciate sisterly love, whether family or even those who are like a sister. This day is for that bond that is like no other.

5thSummer Bank Holiday (Scotland) – Scotland’s bank holiday is early in the month – a last chance to relax before heading back to school and work.

8thInternational Cat Day – If cats had their way, we’re sure cat day would be every day! Cats have been a companion for humans for centuries. Having a feline friend is shown to help reduce anxiety and depression too! We’d say to be sure to give your cat a hug today, but they probably won’t like that, so maybe some extra tuna for dinner will do instead! If you sell related items, whether for cats themselves or for their humans, this day is definitely one you don’t want to miss out on, with it being a trending topic annually.

9thBook Lovers Day – If you have some book recommendations that are industry-related that you think your audience will love, share them today. Also, ask for the titles of books that they love too. There is also great conversation to be had around wonderful reads.

9thStart of the 2019/20 Premier League Season – Love it or hate it, the Premier League season is back on Friday, 9th August with the opening game being Liverpool v Norwich. Any early predictions?

13thInternational Lefthanders Day – Let’s face it, lefthanders haven’t always had it easy. This day was created in 1976 to bring awareness to the difficulties lefthanders have faced. Items such as scissors were once a pain, and those made especially for lefthanders would cost more! Are you left-handed?

18thBad Poetry Day – Not everyone is a poet, but why not give it a go on Bad Poetry Day?

19th – Photography Day/World Photo Day – The photography world has developed quite rapidly over the last few decades. We’ve come a long way from dropping off a roll of film to be developed, only to find that half of the shots didn’t come out right! Now, we can take out our phones and snap some impressive pics within seconds.

Which photos inspire you? Do you have any favorite photos involving your business or industry that you could share? Ask your audience to share some of their favorites, whether in general or within a certain topic.

26th – International Dog Day – Dogs weren’t going to go without their own day too! Our canine friends are loyal and lovable, always happy to see you and there in times of sadness and happiness. Aren’t dogs just great? This day is for them! It’s a good excuse to share some pictures of your doggies.

26thSummer Bank Holiday (England, Wales, NI) – It’s the rest of the UK’s turn for a day off before many go back to school and work the following week. It’s the last bank holiday before Christmas, so make the most of it, rain or shine.

More Events and Hashtags for August

#BackToSchool – Many schools are back in session this month, or they are preparing for it early September. #BackToSchool will be a major topic throughout the month.

#Summer, #Summertime and the like will also, of course, be popular hashtags.

Choose the Best Hashtags

Remember, businesses should not feel like they have to schedule in something for every awareness day out there (you would never post about anything else if that were the case)! Choose the key dates for social media in August that are relevant to your business and industry and that would best resonate with your audiences.

Relax This Summer

Planning your own little break this month? Get short-term social media management with Digital Flamingo and relax knowing your pages are being handled professionally while you enjoy a bit of time off. We keep your pages active, communicating and engaging with your audiences, posting great content, and responding to any comments, reviews or messages when necessary.

Get in touch to chat about your short-term social media management needs and let us develop the right strategy for your business today.

Key Dates for Social Media – July 2019

After a soggy start for many, summer has arrived with a bang, with scorching temperatures and plenty of sunshine. It must be July! That enough seems plenty to celebrate, but here are even more key dates for social media in July to consider when putting together your social media plans for the month.

Key Events and Dates for July 2019

There will be plenty to talk about this month, but here are some of the key dates for social media in July that are bound to be trending.

1 – International Joke Day – Why do flamingos stand on one leg? Because if they didn’t stand on any, they’d fall over! Okay, okay…we’ll work on that for International Joke Day on the 1st July!

1-14 – Wimbledon – The famous tennis competition starts on the 1st and continues for two weeks. Get the strawberries and cream out! …and Pimms, of course.

4 – American Independence Day – The 4th of July is not taken lightly in the USA. The day is celebrated with plenty of barbecues and fireworks.

7 – World Chocolate Day – Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Chocolate is an easy topic of discussion, since so many of us love it. Ask your audience which their favourite chocolate is…it always brings a great discussion!

14 – British Grand Prix – Formula 1 fans will be flocking to Silverstone to see if Britain’s own Lewis Hamilton can clinch the top spot again.

17 – Hot Dog Day – Because, why not? There is a day for everything, isn’t there, and there’s no better time to have hot dog day than in July. Will you be grilling any over a barbecue this summer?

17 – World Emoji Day – Expect loads of emojis to be taking over (more so than normal) on World Emoji Day. It’s a day to celebrate emojis and appreciate how they have become part of digital communications. Share the emojis you think represent your company best. If you could create a new emoji, what would it be? We say flamingo, for sure.

21 – Ice Cream Day – Hot days call for cold ice cream! If you could create your perfect sundae, what would it include? (A banana split with lots of sprinkles for us!) It’s also ice cream month, so don’t limit yourself to one day with the ice cream celebrations!

21 – Junk Food Day – Because we all deserve a little indulgence every once in a while, what junk food is your go-to?

30 – Cheesecake Day – Because hot dog, ice cream, and junk food days weren’t enough, here comes Cheesecake Day. We had to add it though because…cheesecake!

30 – World Friendship Day – We should celebrate our friendships year round, but this day reminds us to reflect on the friendships we have and hold so dear. Be sure to remind your bestie that they’re cherished.

July is also Independent Retailer Month, so spread the word and help encourage users to discover their local, independent shops. There are some real gems to find, often items that aren’t found in the big stores. Support local!

It is also “Plastic-free July”. Can you challenge yourself to go single-use plastic free for at least one month? Use re-usable bags, bottles and cutlery and become more eco-friendly.

Keep Your Social Media Active This Summer

Summer is a time where things slow down for many businesses as people make the most of the nice weather and take some well-deserved time off. However, that doesn’t mean business stops. Let us work with you in creating a social media marketing strategy for the summer that let’s you enjoy the summer months with some peace of mind that your business is still active and engaging with others on social media. Contact us for a chat about our short-term social media marketing solutions today.

Key Dates for Social Media – June 2019

June certainly crept up on us after a whirlwind first half of the year (hence why this blog is a tad late this month!) Summer is just around the corner, and if that wasn’t enough reason to celebrate, there are plenty of other fun key dates for social media in June to look out.

Here are just some of our favourites that are bound to be trending across social media platforms. Which ones will you be implementing as part of your social strategy?

What’s Happening This June

Here are some of the fun key dates for social media in June 2019 to consider as part of your monthly strategy.

1st – Champions League Final – We’ve already witnesses Liverpool lift the Champions League trophy for the sixth time this last weekend with a win over Tottenham, but it’s still a hot topic for football lovers.

7th – Doughnut Day – What’s bound to be Homer Simpson’s favourite day, Doughnut (or Donut) Day is one we’re definitely celebrating in the office! What type of doughnut is your favourite?

8th – World Gin Day – Gin lovers, rejoice! World Gin Day is on Saturday, 8th June, so pick your flavour and crack open some tonic for a refreshing summer drink.

8th – Best Friends Day – Show your best friend some love on this day!

18th – International Picnic Day – Pack up a picnic lunch and enjoy the outdoors on International Picnic Day. What are some picnic basket musts for you?

21st – First day of Summer! – Summer officially makes its entrance in the northern hemisphere on the 21st, making it the “longest day”. The days from here on out will get shorter as we head through summer towards autumn.

21st – Selfie Day – As if you needed any excuse to take a selfie, Selfie Day is also on the 21st June. Get personal with your page and show a selfie of you in the workplace.

21st – Take Your Dog to Work Day – The 21st is really a busy day, because it is also Take Your Dog to Work Day! We love seeing pictures of our four-legged friends in the office, so be sure to share yours.

26th-30th – Glastonbury – The Glastonbury Festival returns for 2019 on the 26th through to the 30th. This is always a trending topic as music lovers discuss the acts. This year, that includes Stormzy, The Killers, The Cure, Liam Gallagher, George Ezra and a whole lot more.

30th – Social Media Day – Needless to say, we are looking forward to this one! Social Media Day was created in 2010, recognizing the impact that social media has had in the world. It has transformed the way we communicate with no sign of slowing down as it continuous evolves. Today is also a good day to remind users about staying safe on social media and what to look for in terms of fake news, fake profiles, etc.

Also, the month of June is Pride Month! Cities all over the world are taking part of parades and celebrations.

Get Planning

Summer is a fun time of year, and it’s one to be enjoyed. Plan your social media marketing ahead for the season to avoid stress and worry. Digital Flamingo can help make it even easier with a social media strategy that fits your business. This includes key dates for social media in June and beyond that suits your business and audience. Come say hello to arrange a chat about how we make social media marketing easy for your business.

Key Dates for Social Media – May 2019

May is a wonderful month for many! This month seems to be the bridge between Spring and Summer. The weather is turning warmer, there are more blue skies, and a lot of things are happening all the world over. May has a mixture of dates for awareness and just for fun. There are also plenty of annual events that social media will definitely be buzzing about. Here are just a few of those key dates for social media in May to include in your business’s social media planning.

Key Dates for May 2019 

1st – May Day – For those mainly in the Northern hemisphere, May Day is a day to celebrate the springtime.

4th – Star Wars Day – Star Wars Day is also a lot of fun on social media. Expect to see plenty of Star Wars memes and “May the fourth be with you!” Join in on the fun. With the recent teaser trailer for the next Star Wars film, this is sure to be a trending topic all over the world.

5th – Cinco De Mayo – Mexico celebrate their independence on this day and the world celebrates with them. Margaritas, anyone?

6th – Bank Holiday (UK) – It’s a day off for many in the UK! Will we see sunshine? If your business is closed for the bank holiday, let your customers know and ask what their plans are for the long weekend.

12th – International Nurses Day – Be sure to thank a nurse today! Their hard work is being recognized the world over today.

12th – Mother’s Day (US) – If you’re in the US, don’t forget Mom today! Are you a US-based retail business that sells gifts? Don’t forget to let your customers know the very last days to order so there’s no disappointment!

18th – Eurovision Final – It’s that time of year where Europe’s top talents perform to see which country comes out on top. Love it or hate it, the final and two semi-final dates leading up to it are always generating conversation on social media.

18th – FA Cup Final – Manchester City and Watford will be battling it out at Wembley for the famous FA Cup.

18th – World Whisky Day – And if you need an escape from the madness that is Eurovision and/or the FA Cup Final, there is always whisky. World Whisky Day celebrates the best whiskeys around the globe.

23rd – Turtle Day – We are becoming more aware of protecting turtles, from saving nesting sites to eliminating single-use plastics that have been causing harm. Today is an awareness day for them.

27th – Memorial Day (US) – Memorial Day is often a day of barbecues and (hopefully) sunshine, but it is a time to honor those who have fought and died for others.

27th – Bank Holiday (UK) – The UK are also enjoying a day off with the second bank holiday of the month.

28th – Amnesty International Day – Amnesty International Day is an awareness day to promote human rights worldwide. Unfortunately, there are still places in the world where human rights are denied, and persecution can come from it. Amnesty International are working to make others aware of injustices and to make a change.

Which Key Dates Should I Include?

These key dates for social media in May are sure to be trending topics. However, never feel the need to include every single date into your planning. Only choose the one your business and audience can relate to and can engage with. Which topics can you create engaging, quality content for? Does your business offer anything that can be tied in, for example, barware for World Whisky Day?

Find a Social Media Strategy That Works for You

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to social media marketing. It is all about what your customers want and what they will react to. We can help you put together that strategy and social media calendar, including key dates for social media in May that your audience can relate to. Come have a chat with us about our social media marketing solutions and let’s find the right one for your business.


Facebook Algorithm Change Explained – April 2019

We’re always saying it: “The only thing constant in social media is change” – and Facebook is proving that with another change coming to news feeds.

Facebook has said they have been taking steps to battle “fake news” but this latest update announced on Wednesday, April 10th shows they are taking even more steps to stop misinformation from appearing on our timelines. These changes could affect business Pages and Groups as they look to remove content that goes against their Community Standards to reduce the spreading of misinformation.


The latest Facebook algorithm change brings a new metric designed to identify websites that are proving popular on the social media platform yet not anywhere else on the internet. This disproportion of popularity is often a sign that the source isn’t legitimate or is of low quality. Facebook will be lowering the reach of these links to ensure less people see them.

It’s not just links Facebook is targeting. They are currently testing an expansion of their Context Button which will help people decide what to read and trust to cover images too.

Facebook Groups

Facebook is also now cracking down on Groups that go against their Community Standards and Terms and Conditions. While the social media giants have been promoting the use of Groups for a greater community feel, they have recognized that Groups can also be a place where misinformation spreads rapidly.

Group Admins will be held responsible for what is being posted within the Group. Reach will be limited if content that has been labeled as false repeatedly gets posted. If content posted by Admins and Moderators, member posts they have approved, violates Facebook’s Community Standards and terms, then the Group will risk being shut down.

Also being rolled out soon, when members leave a Group, they will have the option to delete all their posts from that Group.

Instagram Changes

Instagram has also implemented a few changes affecting feeds. They are limiting the reach of content that may be questionable yet does not quite violate their standards. This includes photos that are suggestive, violent or inappropriate. While these photos will still show up in the feeds of those who follow the account, they may not show up under hashtag feeds or in Explore.

For the Greater Good?

For most of those running genuine Business Pages and/or Groups, these changes aren’t anything to worry about. However, it is a good warning to everyone to be wary of what is being shared. This is especially true of Group Admins who now have greater responsibility to ensure their group is not sharing low-quality links. Is it a legitimate source? Is it a topic that’s being discussed elsewhere?

What do you think about the new Facebook algorithm changes? Are they a good thing or going too far? Let us know your thoughts over on our own Page, Digital Flamingo, or in the comments!

Not sure if your business is posting what it should be? Need some tips on what content you should be sharing? Get in touch with us to arrange a social media consultation that sets you on the right path.

Key Dates for Social Media – April 2019

The flowers are blooming, the temperatures are getting a bit warmer, noses are running, and hay fever is rife…spring must be in full swing! April is such a lovely time of year. There are also plenty of holidays and days off for people to be able to enjoy some of the sunshine! Want to know what’s important to mention this month? Here are some of the key dates for social media for April to include in your social media marketing strategy.

Important Dates to Consider in April 2019

1 – April Fool’s Day – Love it or hate it, April Fool’s Day is usually full of pranks and jokes. Some companies are absolutely brilliant at pulling pranks on their followers on social media, while others, not so much! Here are some good ones to help inspire you.

6 – Grand National – Social media will be full of talk about the Grand National, both positive and negative.

7 – World Health Day – Since 1950, the World Health Organization has been promoting the 7th of April as World Health Day. Each year has a theme, and 2019’s is all about universal health coverage, bringing awareness to those who still have no access to healthcare at all.

10 – Siblings’ Day (US) – A day just for our brothers and sisters comes up on the 10th. Siblings day in the UK will be on 31st May.

11 – National Pet Day – Pictures of pets do well on social media any day of the week, but this day, in particular, is a day to celebrate our beloved pets. Share pictures of your own an encourage your followers to do the same. It is also National Pet Month!

16 – Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day – Why worry what to wear when you can just roll out of bed and head to work?! Okay, so maybe this isn’t an ideal day for everyone, but it can be fun and a good excuse to stay in comfortable clothing all day!

19 – Good Friday – For many, Good Friday marks the start of a long Easter weekend. There will be plenty of conversations around the excitement of a few days off. If your business is also taking a break over the Easter holidays, don’t forget to let your audiences know in advance!

21 – Easter Sunday – Happy Easter! Are you running any promotions for this time of year? Here are some fun non-traditional Easter campaigns by other companies that can help inspire you to create your own.

22 – Easter Monday (Bank Holiday – UK) – Easter Monday is an extra day of rest for those in the UK.

22 – Earth Day – The 22nd is also Earth Day, which marks the day the modern movement for the environment started. It is said to be celebrated by over a billion people every year, as more and more become environmentally-aware and aim to fight against environmental issues such as global warming. Expect trending topics around this day.

23 – St. George’s Day (England) – England’s patron saint, St. George, gets his day of recognition today.

Let Us Help in Your Social Media Planning

There are plenty of key dates for social media in April to consider, but how do we implement them? Businesses should never try to cram everything in, but instead, pick the days they know their audiences relate to.

If you would like some ideas for your business on how to include some of these key dates for social media in April and want to discuss your social media marketing strategy, then have a chat with us at Digital Flamingo. We love helping businesses be creative with their social media in a way that gets their customers talking!