Digital Flamingo was born from the desire to help businesses shine through in a very difficult digital world. It has become almost a responsibility of businesses to have some sort of active social media presence in order to be able to compete and reach prospective customers, but not all businesses are using social media to its potential yet.

Social Media has become a part of everyday lives with people logging in several times a day to get their news, information on products and services, and of course, connect with others. It’s where many now go first to connect with others, including businesses.

Copywriting also plays an important part in digital marketing. Google prefers unique, quality content with your chosen keywords. At Digital Flamingo, words are our art. We create engaging content for your website to help search engines find you and put your website in front of those searching for what you have to offer. This can be content for your pages, blog or articles.

At Digital Flamingo, we have years of education and experience. The education is something that never goes away as it is key to keep up-to-date in a constantly changing environment in order to bring the best practice in connecting with your target audiences in Social Media. You can be sure that the social media marketing strategies and training are up-to-date.

We’re always looking to grow too and hope to offer even more digital services in the future, offering a one-stop shop for your digital marketing needs.

Feel free to message us with any questions about Digital Flamingo and the services we offer. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter too!