Key Dates for Social Media – July 2019

After a soggy start for many, summer has arrived with a bang, with scorching temperatures and plenty of sunshine. It must be July! That enough seems plenty to celebrate, but here are even more key dates for social media in July to consider when putting together your social media plans for the month.

Key Events and Dates for July 2019

There will be plenty to talk about this month, but here are some of the key dates for social media in July that are bound to be trending.

1 – International Joke Day – Why do flamingos stand on one leg? Because if they didn’t stand on any, they’d fall over! Okay, okay…we’ll work on that for International Joke Day on the 1st July!

1-14 – Wimbledon – The famous tennis competition starts on the 1st and continues for two weeks. Get the strawberries and cream out! …and Pimms, of course.

4 – American Independence Day – The 4th of July is not taken lightly in the USA. The day is celebrated with plenty of barbecues and fireworks.

7 – World Chocolate Day – Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Chocolate is an easy topic of discussion, since so many of us love it. Ask your audience which their favourite chocolate is…it always brings a great discussion!

14 – British Grand Prix – Formula 1 fans will be flocking to Silverstone to see if Britain’s own Lewis Hamilton can clinch the top spot again.

17 – Hot Dog Day – Because, why not? There is a day for everything, isn’t there, and there’s no better time to have hot dog day than in July. Will you be grilling any over a barbecue this summer?

17 – World Emoji Day – Expect loads of emojis to be taking over (more so than normal) on World Emoji Day. It’s a day to celebrate emojis and appreciate how they have become part of digital communications. Share the emojis you think represent your company best. If you could create a new emoji, what would it be? We say flamingo, for sure.

21 – Ice Cream Day – Hot days call for cold ice cream! If you could create your perfect sundae, what would it include? (A banana split with lots of sprinkles for us!) It’s also ice cream month, so don’t limit yourself to one day with the ice cream celebrations!

21 – Junk Food Day – Because we all deserve a little indulgence every once in a while, what junk food is your go-to?

30 – Cheesecake Day – Because hot dog, ice cream, and junk food days weren’t enough, here comes Cheesecake Day. We had to add it though because…cheesecake!

30 – World Friendship Day – We should celebrate our friendships year round, but this day reminds us to reflect on the friendships we have and hold so dear. Be sure to remind your bestie that they’re cherished.

July is also Independent Retailer Month, so spread the word and help encourage users to discover their local, independent shops. There are some real gems to find, often items that aren’t found in the big stores. Support local!

It is also “Plastic-free July”. Can you challenge yourself to go single-use plastic free for at least one month? Use re-usable bags, bottles and cutlery and become more eco-friendly.

Keep Your Social Media Active This Summer

Summer is a time where things slow down for many businesses as people make the most of the nice weather and take some well-deserved time off. However, that doesn’t mean business stops. Let us work with you in creating a social media marketing strategy for the summer that let’s you enjoy the summer months with some peace of mind that your business is still active and engaging with others on social media. Contact us for a chat about our short-term social media marketing solutions today.

Key Dates for Social Media – June 2019

June certainly crept up on us after a whirlwind first half of the year (hence why this blog is a tad late this month!) Summer is just around the corner, and if that wasn’t enough reason to celebrate, there are plenty of other fun key dates for social media in June to look out.

Here are just some of our favourites that are bound to be trending across social media platforms. Which ones will you be implementing as part of your social strategy?

What’s Happening This June

Here are some of the fun key dates for social media in June 2019 to consider as part of your monthly strategy.

1st – Champions League Final – We’ve already witnesses Liverpool lift the Champions League trophy for the sixth time this last weekend with a win over Tottenham, but it’s still a hot topic for football lovers.

7th – Doughnut Day – What’s bound to be Homer Simpson’s favourite day, Doughnut (or Donut) Day is one we’re definitely celebrating in the office! What type of doughnut is your favourite?

8th – World Gin Day – Gin lovers, rejoice! World Gin Day is on Saturday, 8th June, so pick your flavour and crack open some tonic for a refreshing summer drink.

8th – Best Friends Day – Show your best friend some love on this day!

18th – International Picnic Day – Pack up a picnic lunch and enjoy the outdoors on International Picnic Day. What are some picnic basket musts for you?

21st – First day of Summer! – Summer officially makes its entrance in the northern hemisphere on the 21st, making it the “longest day”. The days from here on out will get shorter as we head through summer towards autumn.

21st – Selfie Day – As if you needed any excuse to take a selfie, Selfie Day is also on the 21st June. Get personal with your page and show a selfie of you in the workplace.

21st – Take Your Dog to Work Day – The 21st is really a busy day, because it is also Take Your Dog to Work Day! We love seeing pictures of our four-legged friends in the office, so be sure to share yours.

26th-30th – Glastonbury – The Glastonbury Festival returns for 2019 on the 26th through to the 30th. This is always a trending topic as music lovers discuss the acts. This year, that includes Stormzy, The Killers, The Cure, Liam Gallagher, George Ezra and a whole lot more.

30th – Social Media Day – Needless to say, we are looking forward to this one! Social Media Day was created in 2010, recognizing the impact that social media has had in the world. It has transformed the way we communicate with no sign of slowing down as it continuous evolves. Today is also a good day to remind users about staying safe on social media and what to look for in terms of fake news, fake profiles, etc.

Also, the month of June is Pride Month! Cities all over the world are taking part of parades and celebrations.

Get Planning

Summer is a fun time of year, and it’s one to be enjoyed. Plan your social media marketing ahead for the season to avoid stress and worry. Digital Flamingo can help make it even easier with a social media strategy that fits your business. This includes key dates for social media in June and beyond that suits your business and audience. Come say hello to arrange a chat about how we make social media marketing easy for your business.