Key Dates for Social Media – March 2019

We’re well and truly into the swing of things for the year, which is a good thing since March brings a whole lot to shout about on social media! This month, there is an abundance of celebrations, awareness days, and just-for-fun days that have statistically been shown to cause a stir on social platforms. To help you plan your strategy for the month, here are just some of the key dates for social media in March to consider.

March Key Social Media Dates

The month of March kicks off with Employee Appreciation Day. Of course, we should be reminding our employees throughout the year of how appreciated they are. This helps morale and motivation (plus it’s just nice to be told that you’re appreciated!), but let this day serve as a reminder to give your employees a high-five for their hard work.

Dr. Seuss gave us fun rhyming stories, often with appositive message, and unforgettable illustrations that are still treasured by children today. March 2nd marks his 105th birthday. It is also Read Across America Day, a nationwide initiative to get everyone to pick up a book. And if that wasn’t enough, don’t forget World Book Day on March 7th, a day to celebrate our favorite authors and illustrators. Which books left a positive impression on you when you were younger? How about as an adult? Ask your audience.

March 5th is that incredible carnival Mardi Gras down in New Orleans, but other festivities for this day (also known as Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday) also includes Pancake Day. Will you be cooking up pancakes? We will!

Let’s hear it for the girls! International Women’s Day falls on Friday, March 8th. On this day, we celebrate the successes of women and how far they’ve come through hardships throughout the years. We should be telling the world about all these women who have broken barriers and are making waves to inspire the next generation. And don’t limit it to one day only – March is Woman’s History Month. Here’s to strong women everywhere.

St. Patrick’s Day is also around the corner on Sunday the 17th. This may be a day for the Irish, but it’s a day that people around the world love getting in on!

March 20th marks the International day of Happiness. What or who makes you happiest?

We know a lot of the days we mention seem silly and made up. Do you ever want to make up your own special day of celebration? It’s your chance on March 26th, which is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! What will you pick?

Finally, Earth Hour will take place between 8:30-9:30pm on March 30th. For this one hour, turn off the lights and electronics and join the world in taking a stand against climate change and other issues that are affecting our home. This is a very popular trending topic on social media as shown by the WWF stats here.

Work on Those Strategies!

While there are quite a few key dates for social media in March, don’t feel the need to schedule something in for every single one of them. Stick with the few you can bring value to within the trending topics and know your audience will respond to positively.

Need help putting together your strategy and/or social media calendar? Get in touch with us over at Digital Flamingo, where we love talking about strategy and putting together ideas to celebrate all the days worth shouting about!