Key Dates for Social Media in February

January just seems like the longest month, doesn’t it? Now that we’re finally nearing the end of it, it’s time to get excited over all the fun dates to come. February is full of them! We tend to associate February with Valentine’s Day, but there is a lot more to look forward to, especially when it comes to planning your social media. Here are just some of the popular key dates for social media in February for 2019 and how to implement them into your strategy.

February Social Media Dates

Groundhog Day on February 2nd marks a popular tradition in both the United States and Canada. Stemming from an old superstition, it is believed that if a groundhog sees his shadow on this day, then it’s six more weeks of winter. Will the famous Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow this year? Social media will be talking about it for sure.

World Cancer Day is on February 4th and is meant to help raise awareness and spread the word about prevention and detection. The aim is to encourage people to attend regular screenings as necessary and know the signs to look for, especially since early detection can make all the difference.

Pizza Day on the 9th doesn’t need any explanation! Why not get friends or family around to indulge on your favourite pizzas? What are your favourite toppings?

Radio Day is on the 13th – Do you still listen to the radio or is streaming your thing?

Of course, Valentine’s Day is on February 14th. The day that’s all about love deserves a mention for sure.

Random acts of kindness should be done all year long, but the 17th marks the day to celebrate it. Spread the word to your followers about the day to make the world a little happier on the day.

If you needed an excuse to enjoy a margarita, the 22nd is the day for you. It’ll be even better enjoyed on a beach, but if you’re stuck in a cold, wintery climate, enjoy a margarita anyways!

Finally, Fairtrade Fortnight starts on the 25th and runs until March 10th.

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Key Dates for Social Media in January

The festivities of the Christmas/New Year period are starting to die down, and it’s back to work and back to normality for many of us. January is often associated with a dull and gloomy time because of it, but the month comes with many of its own little celebrations! And many of them can prove to be important for your social media in January 2019.

Are They Even Worth Mentioning?

These awareness/just-for-fun days may seem trivial, made up, and flat-out ridiculous, however many of them can pick up steam on social media, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on being part of the buzz surrounding a topic.

We always provide some of the most popular or silly days that could be worth mentioning, but businesses shouldn’t feel compelled to create content surrounding them all. Choose a few that you feel relate to your business or that your audience could respond to.

Don’t Forget Hashtags!

Hashtags for these days can be key to your strategy for social media in January. However, be aware of the platform you’re using. For example, hashtags are great on Instagram, but not so much on Facebook.

It helps to have a look at the trending topics on Twitter or to see what’s happening with a specific hashtag on Instagram to get an idea of what’s being discussed.

Key Dates for Social Media in January

World Braille Day falls on the 4th and is a celebration of Louis Braille, the creator of the Braille system. This new way of reading and writing opened up the world of many who a living with sight loss.

The 4th is also Trivia Day. Why not have a little fun with your audience and host a little trivia of your own? It is a great way to build engagement! It is also a good idea for a live video if you’re feeling brave.


Hat Day (more proof that there really is a day or everything) is on the 15th. If you happen to sell hats, today is obviously your day, or you can get in on the fun by sharing some of your own silly hats and encouraging others to do the same.

Who can’t resist a bit of popcorn when they’re at the cinema? National Popcorn Day is on the 19th. Do you like yours sweet, salty, or a bit of both?

Blue Monday is said to be the most depressing day of the year. It always falls on the third Monday of January, making it the 21st January this year. Blue Monday is dubbed the most miserable day due to the weather, post-Christmas slump and debt, and all-around low motivational levels many seem to have this time of year. But we say the day is what you make of it! Post something uplifting and motivational to help your followers get through the day.

As if we haven’t indulged enough in the month before, Pie Day is on the 23rd (not to be confused with the famous ‘Pi Day’ in March!). The weather should be perfect to bake up some warm apple pie. To make January even more delicious, Chocolate Cake Day is on the 27th. Ask your audience which kind they prefer. Food is always a good talking point (if appropriate).

January is often a time when people quit alcohol after a very merry Christmas period, so expect to see #DryJanuary throughout the month.

Again, businesses shouldn’t feel the need to get involved in every single celebration day out there. Stick with ones you can easily implement into your business and those that will resonate with your target audience, other you risk a negative effect.

We’ll Help You Plan a Strategy That’s Best for Your Business

If you’re wanting a little help in getting together your strategy for social media in January and beyond, then get in touch! Digital Flamingo work with you in devising a plan suited to your target audiences to help raise engagement. Let’s have a chat to discuss how our social media marketing solutions can help your business!