Key Dates for Social Media in November

It’s here! Crisp days, cold nights, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet – November is a beautiful time of year, one that is full of tradition for many. It’s also the start of the Christmas-panic as the shops go into the full-festive mode, ready for the busiest shopping day of the year. A strategy for your social media in November is an absolute must for any business if you’re wanting to compete. These are some key dates to consider.

Dates for Social Media in November

In the restaurant/catering business? Then don’t miss out on sandwich day, although anyone can get involved! I imagine many pictures of sandwiches on that day (even more so than usual!) so I suggest scrolling when you aren’t hungry.

Remember, remember the 5th of November! Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Day is approaching for those in the UK.

The 13th sees World Kindness Day, a little reminder that kindness doesn’t cost a thing and yet goes a long, long way.

International Men’s Day is the 19th. Some countries put on big celebrations while others use the day to help raise awareness of men’s health, both physical and mental.

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! World Hello Day is on the 21st!

One of the biggest days of celebration of the year in the US takes place on Thursday, November 22. Thanksgiving is a day of doing just that – giving thanks for the past year and enjoying a feast, complete with pumpkin pie, of course, before the cold winter months ahead.

Small Business Saturday for the US takes place on the 24th. Although we should be supporting our small businesses all year long, this day is a reminder to check out at what local businesses have to offer for Christmas. You may find yourself an amazing unique gift that you wouldn’t be able to buy anywhere else! Small Business Saturday in the UK is on December 1st. This is followed by “Cyber Monday”, a day where many great deals could be found online, although with online shopping on the rise, the deals are often found all weekend long.

Cake Day doesn’t need an explanation. If you ever needed an excuse o eat cake (and post about it on Instagram), then this day is for you!

Finally, the month ends with Giving Tuesday on the 27th. This day serves as a reminder to give back to charities who would appreciate a little extra help before the Christmas season. We support local charity Tameside4Good and will be shouting about all the great work they do on the day.

Black Friday

Love it or hate it, there is no escaping the power of Black Friday, which is on the 23rd. People will be scouring the internet for deals before the biggest shopping day of the year, so it is always worth mentioning. If you re doing a deal, let people know ahead of time to log in and make their purchase on the day or to come visit in-store. You don’t need to offer massive discounts.

If you do want to do something for Black Friday, many businesses offer a coupon/voucher with any purchase to use again in January. This helps get returning customers after the busy Christmas period whilst still offering an incentive to make a purchase now. Other businesses may choose to offer free shipping or free gift with item, a slight discount, or an increasing discount with however many items bought. Many businesses choose not to participate at all, and that’s perfectly okay! But remember your customers are searching for “Black Friday deals” on this day, so try to mention it in some capacity in your strategy for social media in November.

Think Ahead!

There are a few BIG dates here, especially towards the end of the month, but at the same time, you must be thinking ahead about Christmas. Check out our past blog on dates for December (although many dates might be obvious!). In addition, think about how long it takes to set up orders and last shipping dates. You should give yourself ample time to get everything ready and to let your customers know. This will help make Christmas more enjoyable for you, instead of being in a panic about what to post and when.

We Can Help!

Don’t know where to begin in your social media for November or Christmas planning? Get in touch with us at Digital Flamingo and let’s work together in creating the perfect strategy for your business. We aim to get you seen, and to help make this busy time of year as stress-free as possible (at least when it comes to your marketing!) Let’s have a chat to get started!