Key Dates for Social Media in September

The weather is starting to cool down after a blistering summer, kids are going back to school (if they haven’t already!), and things seem a bit more back to normal…it can only mean that September is here!

This is the start of a busy yet exciting part of the year. Although no major holidays to speak of, there are still several events to consider when planning social media in September.

Key Days for Social Media in September

September kicks off with the just-for-fun World Beard Day. Today’s the day to celebrate all the awesome beards out there! No doubt #WorldBeardDay will be an epic hashtag on this day.

The 5th is the International Day of Charity. This United Nations adopted day is meant to bring awareness to poverty within in the world and how various organizations around the world are coming together to help.

You’ll see quite a bit about American Football from around the 9th. The National Football League starts again after a long break.

Also on the 9th is Teddy Bear Day! It’s another just-for-fun day to remember our cuddly friends we had growing up. Use #NationalTeddyBearDay to show pictures of any special Teddy Bears you may still have or to show off some of your own creations if you’re the creative, crafty sort!

Arrrr you ready for the 19th? It be Talk Like a Pirate Day! Never underestimate the power of this day on social media. Expect an abundance of pirate jokes, puns, and of course posts that arrrrr in pirate-talk (We love this day, if you can’t tell!)

Finally, the end of September ushers in the Autumn on the 23rd. There will be a lot of chatter around the #FirstDayofAutumn (or #FirstDayofFall). Also use #HelloAutumn or #HelloFall.

#HelloSeptember and #BackToSchool will also be popular towards the beginning of the month.

Social media in September is bound to be full of fun and happy posts! Will your business be part of it?

Get Planning!

Want to know what’s coming up for the rest of the year? Check out our past blog on Key Dates for Autumn/Winter 2018 for insight on important dates to include in your social media planning.

If you could use a helping hand with a social media strategy for the busy season to come, then let’s chat! We’re thrilled to help businesses in their social media planning to make this crazy time of year a bit less stressful and a lot more rewarding!

Important Dates for Social Media This Autumn/Winter

August is such an enjoyable and relaxing time for many, but it seems like when September hits, everything comes quickly! Before you know it, autumn is here, Halloween makes an appearance, then in a blink Christmas is here! This time of year is very busy for businesses. If you don’t plan your social media for autumn and winter ahead of time, it can be stressful too.

Now is absolutely the time to prepare your social media marketing for the rest of 2018. Having a strategy in place will help you be ready for the busy season without wondering what to post, free up some time, and reduce stress. Above all, you will be able to enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

To help businesses plan their social media marketing for the rest of 2018, we’ve compiled a list of important and just-for-fun dates to consider implementing into your posts:


1 – World Beard Day

3 – Labor Day (US)

5 – #CharityDay

8 – #LiteracyDay

8 – Star Trek Day

9 – NFL Opening Weekend

9 – Teddy Bear Day

12 – Video Games Day

19 – Talk Like a Pirate Day       

23 – First Day of Autumn


1 – International Coffee Day

5 – World Teachers’ Day

5 – World Smile Day

11 – #DayoftheGirl 

12 – World Food Day

31 – Halloween

October is also pizza month and breast cancer awareness month.


3 – Sandwich Day

5 – Bonfire Night

13 – World Kindness Day

19 – International Men’s Day

21 – World Hello Day

22 – Thanksgiving (US)

23 – Black Friday

24 – Small Business Saturday (US)

26 – Cyber Monday

26 – Cake Day

27 – Giving Tuesday


1 – Small Business Saturday (UK)

2 – Hanukkah Starts

3 – Make a Gift Day

21 – Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

23 – Festivus

25 – Christmas Day

26 – Boxing Day

31 – New Year’s Eve

Before each month, we will go more in-depth about the dates and fun ways to include them in your content calendar, so be sure to check back!

Don’t forget to check out our blog about planning for Christmas too, where there are tips on what you should be doing now to prepare your business for the rush ahead of the big day.

Need some insight on putting together a strategy? Want to leave your content calendar to someone else? Digital Flamingo are happy to help with various solutions that aim to get your business seen! Get in touch now to discuss how we can help build a healthy social media presence for your business for this autumn/winter.

Key Dates for Social Media in August

Can you believe it is August already? We have another month of summer ahead before the -ber months start, then time really seems to go quickly and before you know it, we’ll be prepping for Christmas!

Before all that though, we have another month of fun and relaxation, with plenty of “just for fun” days popping up. These are a few of the dates that could be trending on social media in August.

social media dates for August

Run-down of Key Dates in August

August kicks off with Yorkshire Day, a day to celebrate, well, all things Yorkshire! there will be several celebrations happening throughout the gorgeous county. If you’re a proud Yorkshire business, then get posting about it today!

There’s nothing better than wasting time online looking at funny cat memes. In fact, they can drive a lot of traffic and increase your reach. International Cat Day on the 8th will make a great day to post your favorite cat meme and encourage others to do the same.

There is no denying how popular football is. The Premier League opening weekend begins August 11th.

Left-handers, rejoice! There’s a day just for you on the 13th!

World Photo Day is on the 19th, and it’s a good time to ask people to share their own photos or those that they particularly love. This day seems to get bigger every year, probably thanks to social media, with people able to share their favorites more easily.

Finally, the month is rounded off with a Bank Holiday for those in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland – the last Bank Holiday before Christmas!

Many will be out enjoying their summer this month, with kids in the UK and parts of the US off school and families taking time off together. Expect to see a lot of use of the hashtags #summer, #summetime #vacationtime, #holiday and the like. Kids will be heading back to soon though so #BackToSchool is expected to be trending from mid-August to early September.

You can find even more dates to use in social media in August here!

Like we first mentioned, the rest of the year will just fly by, so planning for it now is essential. Yes, that means determining your social media marketing strategy for Christmas much sooner rather than later. Our last blog here gives tips on what you should be doing to make it less stressful, so you get more time to relax and enjoy the festive season.

Which day(s) are you looking forward to the most?